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Miner's Mafia Society

This is the website of Entropia Universe society "Miner's Mafia". The society has been founded in August 2005 and is still strong these days. It is not the biggest society around, but has a very stable member base.

Members range from noobs to ubers. Some are active daily, some a bit less. Most of the time someone from Miner's Mafia is logged in Entropia Universe.

Make sure you are with us and not against us. You all know what Mafia is capable of...

Touristic Guide

Not only do you find on this website info about our society. This website hosts the Touristic Guide to Calypso.
The guide features a dynamic detailed post-VU 10 map of Calypso. Attached to the maps of Amethera and Eudoria is abundant information about all outpost, teloports, cities, landarea's etc. Discover where mobs spawn and where to find certain ores and enmatters. Find out all area's that host an event.

Recent news

  • 2 weeks 4 days ago by

    The winners of the Epic Entropia Universe Moment contest have been selected.

    1000 PED of Universal Ammo Prize Winners

    • Daniel Danimal Diep
    • Jess Renada Tylie...
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  • 3 weeks 4 days ago by

    Elvyn Vies, detained for several weeks for illegal collection of Eomon DNA samples, was found dead in his cell this morning. Simultaneously, the contraband DNA samples were stolen from a...

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  • 4 weeks 1 day ago by

    Representatives from RDI report herds of massive Atrox pursuing migrating Eomon, as often happens late in the migration season. Interestingly, the vicious Atrox are competing with their...

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  • 5 weeks 1 day ago by

    RDI officials reports that Eomon pheromone levels have dropped considerably, indicating that the migration will end shortly after the weekend. Some pockets of Longtooth separated from the...

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  • 12 weeks 2 days ago by

    Meet Calypso's Giants

    The Eomon migration period is here. Take part in a spectacular piece of Calypso history and watch the majestic Eomon migrate over the plains of the Eudoria...

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